Three Places to visit in Mumbai – The Real Ones

Mumbai is among the strongholds of culture, history, art and entertainment in India. The financial capital of India, has a whole lot of items that make for a heavenly holiday. There are a good number of places to visit in Mumbai that makes for a complete Mumbai experience. The main sights and monuments are certainly not to be missed, but there are certain aspects of MInbai, that is no visible on the surface, and one has to dig deeper to get a glimpse of these. How will any tourist imagine the slums of Dharavi, when looking at the marvelous Gothic and Victorian structures in the city center? Will he know the real Mumbai, or the real Mumbaikar if he stays in the comfort of his luxury hotel?

If you have read the “Shantaram” by Gregory David Roberts, there certainly is a lt to larn with respect to traveling anywhere. Mumbai of the time described in the book is a world apart from the Mumbai of now, but no less intriguing, no less thrilling. There are interesting travel places that should be visited to get a complete update on Mumbai and its culture. A good way of getting a glimpse of the real Mumbai would be to get a guide that would show you the real sites, like in the book, and make sure that he is trustworthy. Continue reading “Three Places to visit in Mumbai – The Real Ones” »

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